Welcome to the Grizzly Instructional Den!  Please use this site as a resource for your professional development needs.  Look out for posts regarding current strategies being used in classrooms, recent workshop materials, and much more!

We learn and grow from each other, and this site is the technological platform to facilitate that growth!  As Instructional Coach, allow me to be the human platform.

As Instructional Coach, I …

  1. … am NOT an evaluator.  My job is not a way to enforce, report, or evaluate.
  2. … am NOT “…a tool for fixing people” (Aguilar 19).  I am a coach for professional development.  We are equals in this work.  Our dialogue is essential to the work we do, and our trust in each other is paramount to our growth as educators and individuals.
  3. … have an open door policy for visitors to observe my classes.
  4. … will help you plan, co-teach, observe, reflect and refine lessons.
  5. … will help design and facilitate workshops and lesson studies with all colleagues (PD Team, administrators, and teachers).

I value the expertise that we bring to the staff as individuals.  As a coach, my main purpose is to highlight and share this expertise for all to observe, reflect, experiment with, and refine for their own classrooms.

My Schedule:

1st Open

2nd Prep (Although I will collaborate with you during this time!)

3rd English Honors 9

4th English Honors 9

5th Instructional Coaching-This is specific time set aside to plan and work with you!

6th Achieve EL

7th Instructional Coaching- This is specific time set aside to plan and work with you!


Room 205

What Can You Expect From Me:

  • Enthusiasm
  • A collaborative partner
  • Flexibility
  • Teacher-requested observations with timely feedback
  • Modeling
  • Active listening

I appreciate all that you do in and out of your classrooms each day for our students and for each other!  Your passion and enthusiasm for our school community is truly inspirational.  Let’s have an amazing year Grizzlies!

~Danielle PSt.

“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other.  Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”  ~Robert John Meehan


Aguilar, Elena.  The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation. Wiley: San Francisco, 2013.